McMorran Architects Limited

This page details McMorran Architects Limited obligations and policies under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation and in line with the requirements of professional bodies McMorran Architects Limited belongs to, namely, the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS).

McMorran Architects Limited role as designer for your project, under GDPR –
McMorran Architects Limited will work on your behalf to deliver your project as defined by the scope and stages of outlined. In order to do this we will have access to a certain amount of specific data relating to you and your property. This means that, under GDPR legislation, we have responsibilities to ensure that we are taking proper care of your data, and have a system in place to demonstrate this. This policy outlines our procedures in those terms.

What data is being held? Typically; Name[s], address, email[s], phone number[s], project drawings, project images.

How is it being used? As part of the process of providing our service to you, this will involve data usage at key stages:

  • Providing your address and contact information as part of online council applications. This may mean that the council [Planning / Building Control] can contact you as part of the application process, for example, in order to arrange access.
  • Providing your address and contact information to potential Contractors, at budget costing stage and tendering stage. We will discuss these potential Contractors with you, and agree who to send your project information to. You will be kept informed of this process.
  • Providing your address and contact details to other design team members who are contributing to your project, for example; Structural Engineer[s], Quantity Surveyor[s], M&E Engineer[s], Drainage Inspection companies, Scottish Water. In each case you will be informed of who your details will be sent to. Most domestic projects will only require a Structural Engineer, but each project is on a case-by-case basis.
  • Your details will not be added to any mailing lists, nor will they be used for any speculative marketing. We will never sell personal data we hold to other parties or share this without a legitimate business reason or the express consent of the individual.

As standard, McMorran Architects Limited will hold details of Clients, and projects undertaken, for a minimum of 20 years (as recommended by the RIAS). This will not be used for any marketing purposes.

If there are photos taken of your finished project, then these will be arranged with your permission. You will be asked for your agreement should your project be exhibited online i.e. via social media or on the web. Projects are typically presented generically, i.e. without street names and without Client names. However this can be reviewed on an individual basis.

Payments / Bank details
Council payments are, where possible, made direct to the council from you, the Client.

Invoice payments are generally made direct via BACs transfer.

McMorran Architects Limited therefore does not process card payments or retain any bank details of Clients.

Due Diligence
As your Architect we will carry out all due diligence to ensure your data remains secure. Our computers and mobile devices are secured with individual login credentials, and are protected from cyber-attacks / viruses by market-leading commercial anti-virus software.

It may be required at times to back-up or transport personal information on portable storage devices (USB drives, external hard drive, cloud data etc). Files being stored on portable storage devices will have passwords set to open files to create a barrier to unauthorised access.

At times hard copies of personal data may be prepared, but these are securely destroyed (shredded) when no longer required.

If our security was to be breached, resulting in data being exposed that could result in a risk for the individuals concerned, we will inform you immediately.

If you ask us to process data in a way that would infringe GDPR, we will not be able to do so and we will inform you of the reasons for this. As standard, we will only ask users for the minimum amount of data required to provide a service, and we ensure this is held in a safe and secure manner. In the event of any enquiry, we can confirm we will co-operate with the relevant Data Protection Authorities.

If at any time you want to correct or adjust the details we hold for you, please get in touch. Likewise, if you have any questions about  our policies, please contact us.

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